Portable Furniture and Gear for Your RV, Sporting, and Camping Needs

As a result of our attention to detail and quality, we are able to offer you, our customers, a 100% money back guarantee (Includes shipping) if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase.

Our goal is to provide the best possible RV Furniture experience at the best possible price while providing customer satisfaction second to none.

Double Heated Folding Chair


double-heated-folding-chairPorTable™ Furniture brings you the HeTed Chair - 21st century patented technology with the touch of a button to warm your seat and back for those chilly occasions.

At PorTable™ Furniture we design with you in mind, unique, quality, engineered to last, we believe the quality of your furniture should enhance your outdoor life style, with products for warmth at cool sporting events - heated chairs, stadium chairs for getting out in your recreational vehicle, or camping in the great outdoors, or tailgating with your crew for the great pregame activities, folding camping furniture is our game, and we strive to continue to design products with you in mind. read_more_heated_heted_chair

Elegant Solid Oak Folding Coffee Table

Solid Oak Construction Complements any RV Interior. This fine table is also available in a beautiful dark cherry finish.

PorTable Furniture continues to bring outstanding pricing to our valued customers. We have taken our deisgns and quality satndards across the big pond and are now bringing our line of imported tables to our customers. 


Portable Folding Chair


Designed specifically for the enjoyments of tailgating, camping, and the great outdoors!

deluxe_rv_folding_camping_chairNo more delicately balancing that delicious plate of barbecue on your lap. Finally, a place where plate, cups, utensils, and napkins can all call home.This is the perfect companion for outdoor dining!

Another original brought to you my PorTable™ Furniture. A versatile outdoors portable folding chair.