Rumor has it that the Beavers

Here we stand with just 6 days to go until the biggest Civil War game of all time. Oregon State is coming off of a bruising loss at the hands of a very good Stanford team. Oregon shut down a very good AZ team. All the cards are on the table and its all in for both teams. With everything riding on it for the Ducks -- a bid for the National Championship Game -- the Beavers are looking for a spoiler.

Rumor has it that the Beavers will be Fashioning a brand new look, specifically designed for this Game (Thanks Nike). If rumors are true, there will be new uniforms, shoes, and helmets circa 1967 from the OSU team named "Giant killers", which knocked off two top 10 football teams that year.

We will all see if it helps in their quest to knock off the #1 team in College football, The Mighty Oregon Ducks.