It's Duck Season in the Good ol’ USA

Nicely done DUCKS, the Oregon Ducks Football team seems to be flying well beyond the reach of anyone taking them down. Yes, the quarterback for AZ had a very good game, and Harris got smoked a couple of times, but in the end Oregon's belief in themselves is so evident, winning the PAC- 10 was never in doubt. Contrasting coaching styles were so obvious- the angry vain popping, screaming at your coaching staff and players vs. a calm, hey so what you dropped the ball, do better the next time, reassurance. Maybe just my observance, but the latter seems to be working quite nicely, with the

Ducks going to 11-0 and still the #1 team in the country. With one game to go, the all or nothing Civil war game, against the resurgent OSU Beaver team coming off a victory that totally demoralized the once-mighty USC Trojans. The game for State (and perhaps National) bragging rights will be the typical knock down drag out we all come to expect. With the bid of the BCS Championship game on the line, I can't imagine a more exciting game to be witness to next week in Corvallis. Oregon Ducks vs. Oregon State Beavers. WOW-hold on my fellow Oregonians, and the rest of you out there, this will be one for the history books.