Congratulations to the Oregon Ducks

Congratulations to the Oregon Ducks on a perfect season, I was very fortunate to be able to attend this Historical 114th Civil War game, between Oregon an Oregon state, and it lived up to what we all expected, both teams coming to play a knock down drag out fight, one had to be the victor, this year it was the Ducks.
We can hope they will bring back the National Championship trophy.

On a personal, Note, I want to tip my hat to Steve Sullivan GM, and his staff, of Beaver Sports Properties, who allowed Portable furniture to participate , as a sponsor, under the Big Orange Spyder in the pre game festivities, the past 3 home Games. Show casing our Beaver Logo Products, had a direct impact in great sales for the past 3 months , it was a pleasure working with Beaver Sports Properties.
Thank you Beaver Fans also for your great enthusiasm for our products.