About Mark

History of Mark of Excellence Wood Designs™

Mark Schulenberg, CEO/Designer

Mark Schulenberg, a native Oregon, is a craftsman, master woodworker, entrepreneur, and inventor. Mark started in his garage shop and early in his career he was fortunate to meet a German craftsman who became Mark’s mentor. He instilled in Mark early on to “set himself apart and above the rest, strive for perfection and be the best”.  

From there, Mark worked in several different cabinet shops in Eugene, Oregon
and also for four years in California. In his spare time, Mark started building cabinets and furniture pieces for friends and family. Mark realized early on that he had a gift. Mark had an artistic vision with wood and a deep appreciation and fascination of the beauty of natural exotic woods, which enabled him to look at wood furniture as an art form. Mark started creating his own designs using many wood combinations, both domestics and exotics, with stunning results.

Mark has shown many of his fine pieces in specialty shows and home shows in Oregon, along with an exclusive Art Gallery on the McKenzie River.

From contemporary/traditional to his own unique style, Mark has specifically tailored and designed individual's wants or needs and created for them their one-of-a-kind piece of furniture.

Mark’s expertise ranges from his featured Calap-Z-Table to different furniture designs, as well as custom cabinetry, entertainment centers and numerous built-ins.

Mark’s intent on designing the Calap-Z-Table gives him the opportunity to present something unique for the discriminating RV owner, yacht owner and home owners. All of which can enjoy their own one-of-a-kind Calap-Z-Table in your own realm with unmatched versatility and elegance.

Custom made furniture with contrasting wood combinations is Mark’s trademark. His creative designs are innovative and recognized as his own. Thus, Mark creates a piece to be cherished for generations.


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